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Chapter 70: We Have An Agreement

  • Kate slept till almost noon the next day, which was rare for her. She could not sit on the chair in her study at all in the afternoon, so she had to take the same position as the cat, lying on her stomach on the carpet. The skin she could see was covered with bite marks, and the place where she could not see had even more.
  • She cursed him for almost a full hour with all the words available in her vocabulary: morbid, psycho, beast, bastard… and then she opened the book on the floor and started to read. Since the plan to escape had failed, she had to return to her original plan to study and make herself stronger.
  • With the disturbance of Lucy, she finished only a few pages in several hours. And then she got a call from Jessie.
  • Kate staggered out of the villa gate and saw a red car as bold and outstanding as its owner. Jessie sat inside wearing sunglasses. She bent over and opened the front door for her. Kate only wore a thin sweater.
  • She said, “I will go change clothes.”
  • “Just come up. I only need a few words.” Jessie said impatiently.
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