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Chapter 154: You Love Him So Much

  • When Jimmy got back to the ward, Kate was asleep again. Betty, who was watching there, stood up and told him about Kate’s status. And then she left to make a call.
  • Jimmy sat down on the chair she left. He unbuttoned the top button near his collar and relaxed a little bit.
  • Kate’s hair was spreading around the pillow. Her face was pale and fatigued. She was frowning as if she had something to worry about even in her dreams. However, she still gave out an air of peace and warmth. Perhaps that was the air of maternity.
  • He had once told her that she gave people around her a feeling of relaxing and made them have a desire to talk. Now he could no longer talk to her about his heart, but he still could feel relaxed from inside to outside when he was in the same room with her.
  • The room was too quiet.
  • Her breathing was audible. It was rhythmic, slow, and lasting each time, and it assuaged his anxiety. Jimmy had not slept much in the past few days. He stretched his legs and rubbed his temples, and dozed off leaning on the back of the chair.
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