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Chapter 63: What Are You Doing Her?

  • The next day was a cleaning day at the villa.
  • The villa wasn’t extremely big; about ten rooms were spread over the two floors. Kate saw Laura working so hard alone, so she started to help her voluntarily. Laura didn’t refuse this help.
  • “The janitor had an emergency at home and couldn’t make it today. Mr. Fox doesn’t like to see strangers in his house.”
  • “Mr. Fox is critical about cleanliness and tidiness. If a new worker does not work to his standards, Mr. Fox will not say anything and still pay them as agreed upon, but he will do it personally. This is worse than a slap in your face.”
  • “This house is very important to him. You are the only one who has moved in beside Mr. Fox.”
  • As Kate spent more time with Laura, Laura filled her in with any information she knew, but the subject was always about her boss and his weird habits.
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