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Chapter 79: You Like It?

  • A few days later, Kate enrolled at the college in the company of Tristan’s pretty secretary. The person in charge received them and gave them an introduction to the regulations of the school.
  • Her tone was detached and business-like. It made Kate felt better that they had not received special treatment.
  • Then she was brought to a meeting room where she had a few placement tests.
  • Two hours later, Kate walked off campus after finishing the tests. Looking at the winter sunshine, she took a deep breath and felt she was going to turn to a new page in her life.
  • Soon it was Christmas, and Kate felt guilty thinking of her family. She bought some gifts and asked Max to bring them back. She told her parents that she could not go back because of her busy schoolwork.
  • On Christmas Eve, Tristan came back only just before the day broke. He got on the bed and hugged her. After touching and kneading her, he took no further action. She felt he wasn’t in a good mood.
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