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Chapter 34: I’ll Go With You

  • Ed tapped Max on the shoulder and said, “Go sit over there. See, Boss is so nice to give us a treat.”
  • The sister and brother were both startled. One felt embarrassed, and the other wailed inside.
  • Tristan smiled and added lightly, “I have told you how many times not to call my boss all the time.”
  • Ed patted his head and said, “Right. Sorry.” And he turned to Max, who was stiffened. “Let me introduce you. This is my boss, CEO of Chasin Group, Mr. Fox, Tristan Fox.”
  • Max was astonished. Chasin, everyone in LA knew it. He had not been in LA for long, but he also heard about it many times here and there.
  • He had to look at him with new eyes, but at the same time, the haze inside him grew thicker. He stole a look at his sister from the corners of his eyes.
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