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Chapter 17 You’re A Good Man

  • All the dishes were served soon. The food was authentic and thus really hot. Thanks to the juice, they could ease the spicy feeling from time to time. At the time, Lexi had just finished her work in the kitchen, so she sat down to have a rest and chat with them.
  • Lexi said Kate looked like the star Taylor Swift. Then they talked about girls in Los Angeles. Jimmy said one of his and his colleagues’ biggest hobbies was counting beauties on the streets. Their conversation started to proceed in an active atmosphere, and Kate felt at home.
  • Lexi said, “Jimmy is a picky eater.”
  • Jimmy showed his complacency. “I am a gastronome. I’m not bragging, but anywhere with a yummy smell of food in this city cannot escape my nose.”
  • Kate drank her juice and then said laughingly, “You have a sensitive nose.”
  • He reacted. “Are you saying I’m a dog?”
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