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Chapter 53 Stay Off; They Are Dangerous

  • Xiomara woke up to the buzz of her ringing phone, she removed the blindfold and glanced at the alarm clock "Damn isn't it like too early to call someone" Xiomara said and moved her eyes to the side table to know which of the two phones were ringing. "Aargh," she said picking up her fake identity phone. She glanced at the unknown number studying it for a while before she finally answered the call. "Hi...." Xiomara paused to hear the caller's voice. "Hi Genesis, it's Loretta Towry from high school remember," Loretta said and Xiomara frowned. Where did she get her number from? "Oh hi I remember, but I don't remember sharing my contact with you," Xiomara felt the need to say. "I took it from the group chat because I have something very important to tell you," Loretta said. "Okay... Go ahead," Xiomara said sitting up, for Loretta to actually call her that early, it means that whatever she wanted to say was very important. "You need to stop hanging out with Whitney and her clicks including Eleanor," Loretta said and Xiomara frowned. "Why?" Xiomara asked. "Isn't it obvious, Whitney is trying to be your friend for a reason, she has a secret and trust me, girl, it's not going to be something good and Eleanor, I don't even want to get started with her, Ursula was a good example of what she can do and the rest are just Whitney's ass lickers," Loretta said.
  • The little amount of sleep left in Xiomara's eyes vanished at the mention of Ursula. "Did she know about that and was that the reason she didn't attend the prom night and not because of her fight with Oscar," Xiomara thought. "Loretta I'm not sure I understand what you mean," Xiomara said. "Yeah, you obviously don't understand, you use to be a nerd and had no friends but please just stop hanging out with Whitney and the rest, I tried warning Ursula but she won't listen, I'm not going to force you, the choice is yours to make, bye and have a lovely day ahead," Loretta said and ended the call even before Xiomara could say anything. Xiomara froze thinking about what Loretta had said, she didn't remember being warned by her, it seems that that part of her brain was lost and blank. She made to call Loretta again but kicked against it, she was going to visit her and make her repeat what she had told her one way or the other. Xiomara dropped her phone and went back to sleep, she still had two hours of sleep before starting her day.
  • Hours later, Xiomara walked out of the bathroom dripping with water, she quickly dried her body before putting on her dress. Just while she was fixing her mask, Mary walked in holding a big brown envelope. "I got the details about Missy that you asked for last night," she said handing her the envelope. "Wow, that was fast, I wasn't expecting until this evening," Xiomara said taking the envelope. She opened the envelope and read the details. "Her husband is out on a trip, perfect," Xiomara said. "She hardly leaves the house so it would be hard to abduct her," Mary said. "Who says who had to wait for her to come outside, we just need to abduct her in her house," Xiomara said but Mary shook her head negatively. "The house has extremely tight security, she has to open the main gate from the inside if not we...". "Oh she would, she would open the gate for Genesis Dean," Xiomara smiled. "Prepare for a visit by 8 pm," Xiomsra ordered giving her the envelope. "I would do just that, anyways breakfast is ready," Mary said. "I'm heading somewhere now and I doubt if I would be able to take it," Xiomara said picking up her bag. "I will pack it up for you, you can just carry it along," Mary said and Xiomara smiled. Minutes later, Xiomara arrived at the hospital Loretta was working, she remembered her mentioning it the previous night they meet at the theatre, after explaining herself to the receptionist, she was led into Loretta's office. "Wow, I was actually expecting to see you here this morning and you didn't disappoint," Loretta said immediately after she saw Xiomara walk into her office. "Yeah, I was curious to know why you said that and what you mean," Xiomara said sitting down. "Why I said that and what I meant, shouldn't they have the same answer?" Loretta asked looking at Xiomara but She just smiled without saying anything.
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