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Chapter 38 Master Of The Game

  • Serena sat at the hospital bed busy with her watermelon while Darrick was seated behind her, there was an awkward silence which made both of them uncomfortable, and after some time, Derrick decided to speak up first. "I spoke to the police" he started and Serena spared him a glance wondering what he was about to say. "It happened that Mrs. Rebecca Ruby Fox has written her statement and according to her statement she said you were having an affair with her husband," Derrick said not sure if that was an appropriate way to put it. Serena paused for a while, her eyes fixed on him as she thought about what he had just said. "No offence, I just thought I should inform you just in case you don't know about the latest update," Derrick quickly appeared thinking that Serena was offended by what he said, well who wouldn't think the same seeing how she was just staring at him? "None is taken and for the records, she doesn't have any evidence to back up her claims," Serena said and shrugged her shoulder. "But you know that doesn't change the fact that she is right, she might not have enough evidence as you said but that is because you and her husband did a perfect job cleaning the traces, it doesn't mean she's lying," Derrick said and Serena scoffed letting go of her fork allowing it to fall back into the plate and make some noise.
  • "Now you are offended," Derrick said noticing her new facial expression. "Are you trying to judge me here?" She asked. "Hell no, I would never do that, I'm a Christian and we were taught not to judge others so we won't be judged," Derrick said. "So what's your deal, trying to make me look bad huh?" Serena asked again "I'm just trying to tell you that you deserve better, you deserve your own man so you don't need to go snatching another woman's husband because...." "Because I didn't snatch him, he came to me and I said no a couple of times," "Before you now agreed right?" Derrick asked. "Derrick that was like two months ago, he lives with his wife but the psycho just has trust issues, how is that my fault?" Serena asked. "Serena, you still communicate with him, don't you? It means you are still giving him that green light," Derrick said. "Well it's not my fault that her husband is a cheat so don't try to make me look like one," Serena said. Derrick tried to talk but the door swung open and Morris Fox walked in together with two policemen. "He asked to see you," one of the policemen said immediately after they entered. "You are not looking as bad as I thought you would," Morris said walking towards her. "And what's that supposed to mean, you are not blind now are you?" Serena asked harshly.
  • "You still look beautiful and sexy, I guess..." Morris was saying this when Derrick quickly threw a punch at Morris's face. "Derrick!" Serena screamed as the two policemen quickly rushed to hold him back to avoid more fights. "Do you seriously think those words are the right words to use at this crucial time huh? Your wife is in police custody in pain and here you are flirting with another woman, don't you have self-respect for yourself? don't you have shame?" Derrick asked angrily. "And who the hell are you to think you can hit me and go scout free?" Morris asked and looked towards Serena pointing at Darrick. "Who is he? your boyfriend?" Morris asked and Serena rolled her eyes. "And what if I am, would that make you realize your mistakes and go apologies to your wife huh?" Derrick asked with so much disgust in his voice. Morris stared at him for a while and scoffed before shifting his gaze to Serena. "Interesting choice to bring him here to insult me, I am going to deal with both of you and my investment with Dawn Bancorp has been nullified," Morris says and turned to stomp out of the hospital room but Serena's voice stopped him. "You amuse me, Mr. Morris Fox, I think you should go and read the contract you sighed again," Serena said and Morris shot her a long stare. "What are you talking about?" Morris asked and Serena chuckled. "Why don't you let your copy of the contract do the talking, as far as I know, Dawn Bancorp has a strict policy in regards to investment termination especially those that have not lasted up to half of the years of the required, you can contact their online representative or better still visit the company, this is Dubai Morris and not your country where you can do whatever you like," Serena said. Morris stared at her confused, he didn't have the time to read the contract because he was busy admiring and wooing her. "I'm going to sue you," he threatened and Serena scoffed. "For what? I didn't put a gun in your head forcing you to sign the contract nor did I steal your signature, you simply failed to read the contract and the companies investment guidelines and protocols, how is that my business, if you are looking for who to sue, I think you should sue Dawn Bancrop and not me but I would advise you not to because you might not be able to afford their placement fee for damages," Serena said.
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