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Chapter 43 I'm I A Bad Person

  • Xiomara smiled driving out of the conglomerate, she has succeeded in frightening Olivia and the look on her face was one in a million. "Why are you now targeting the Wallace family?" Yvette asked she wasn't sure why her boss was doing what she was doing but it appeared she was trying to traumatize a peaceful family. "Why? Because they are my enemy," Xiomara said keeping it all short and simple. "I know that, Everyone seems to be your enemy here but I want to know why they are your enemy?" Yvette asked making Xiomara forcefully park the car to stare at her. "Hope you know, I'm still your boss?" Xiomara asked. "I'm sorry," Yvette said, she didn't mean to be disrespectful in any way but Xiomara's unending revenge was already becoming too much, how could one woman have lots of enemies for no reason?
  • Xiomara stared at her, she didn't let Yvette and Luca know about her past identity, she just got them to do the things she want them to do. "Yvette, do you think I'm a bad person?" Xiomara asked and Yvette spared her a look. "I'm sorry," Yvette apologized again. "No I don't want you to apologize, I want you to tell me the truth and forget the fact that I'm your boss, and be sincere with me," Xiomara said. Yvette stared at her wondering if she should be sincere like she had asked or just lie to her. "Yes, I think you are a bad person, you've been hurting people lately and that woman back there, I was watching from behind, she wetted her pant," Yvette said making Xiomara snicker. "I think you are using people's weakness against them because I don't think the Wallace family did anything to the Pyxinx empire, they are good people and they help the poor," Yvette said and Xiomara smiled. "Do you think I came all the way from Germany to avenge the beef of the Pyxinx empire, no that's Richelmo's work, this isn't about the Pyxinx empire, this is about me, I'm just trying to get my pound of flesh, the closure I deserve," Xiomara said as tears rolled down her eyes. Yvette was stunned, she has never seen her boss cry and for a while, she actually felt bad for being sincere with her. "Sorry..." she said but Xiomara just ignored her and started her car ignition heading home just then Yvette's phone beeped it was a text message from Luca. "Luca is done with the job, he erased the CCTV footage and planted the voice recorder on Olivia and Glenn Wallace's office," Yvette said and Xiomara nodded her head. "Tell him to meet us at home," Xiomara managed to say and Yvette quickly sent the text to Luca.
  • Minutes later, they arrived home and meet Luca already waiting while Mary was chatting with him keeping him company. Immediately Xiomara and Yvette entered, May tried to excuse herself but Xiomara stopped her. "You don't have to leave, I want to have a brief word with all of you," Xiomara said and they all glanced at each other. "Come with me," Xiomara said leading the way towards the secret underground in the house. Xiomara had discovered the underground a few days after she moved in and since then, she has been storing all her findings down there just in case of any emergency attack and she made sure she had a fingerprint and eye lock installed to the door.
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