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Chapter 49 Atonement 1

  • Glenn scoffed as he stared deeply at the note in his hand, "Wow, isn't this woman just amazing," Glenn said admiring her guts, he just couldn't wait to have her in his nest, he surely has a lot to say to her. "Ursula Day...." He called, his eyes fixed on the flower pot, he smiled before walking back to his seat, he was going to catch her one way or the other.
  • Ruby was called out of the visitors centre, the female prison warden had told her that she had a visitor, Ruby instantly thought it was her parents or lawyer and best friend Alice but when she saw Khloe's mother waiting for her there. She vowed respectfully to her before she sat down waiting to hear what she had to say. "Are you trying to buy my pity?" She asked throwing daggers at Ruby. Ruby stared at her stunned, did she really think she was doing this just so she could feel pity for her, hell no, she was doing it because she was remorseful for what she did. "I don't understand ma'am," Ruby said and she scoffed. "Do you think coming here to hand yourself over to the police, confess what you did and reopen the case would make me feel pity for you, Rebecca you are just being pathetic and petty and it saddens me more," She said as tears rolled down from Ruby's eyes. "I wasn't trying to, in fact, I don't think you should ever have pity on me...". "I wasn't going to and would never," she snapped at Ruby even before she could complete her statement. "You brought death to my daughter just so you could marry a man you just divorced, Khloe wss a quiet girl, you two grew up together and sge saw you as an elder sister, a sister she never had, she called you sister because she loved you but what did you do, you cut her life short, you sent her on her grave that early, you watched her grow cold, she slept ahd couldn't wakr up again just because you were blinded by jealousy and lust, you killed her to marry her man, my poor child wasn't thr reason for your misfortune, she never wished you bad luck or did anything to hurt your fellings, she dud everything in your favour but you weren't satisfied, yoi wanted more, you wanted her life and now that yoi have that life how happy are you Rebecca, Are you thr happiest woman on earth, the answer is no, yoi are not even close to that, you agreed to marry Morris when my daughter hasn't even decayed, just two weeks after her death, Tell me, what's happening today, karma has caught up with yoi and I hope you feel much more pain my daughter felt dying, you disgust me Rebecca, I can't even look at the face of the person that took my daughter forcefully, I would think of forgiving you when yoi die, death is the only atonement you can offer so just die and go hell where people like you perish," She spat with tears in her eyes. She said everything in one breath as if she had rehearsed her lines a long time ago waiting to meet whoever killed her daughter.
  • Ruby didn't say anything, or try to stop her when she was talking, she didn't defend herself either, she deserved every word said to her and for one thing she was right about something Death was the only deserving atonement, going to jail was fair, she deserved to perish in hell. "I'm sorry, I know no matter how many times I apologize, you would never forgive me or look at me differently, I know you see me as a monster, I am, the devil herself and I deserve no pity from you or anyone, I don't even deserve to go to hell, I deserve to be a lost banished soul for everything I have done but you know, I have lived my life feeling guilty for everything, whenever I remember the good times with Khloe, our beautiful memories and our plsn for the future, it breaks my heart, I endured my unhappy marriage but I saw it as my punishment, I became an accountant just like Khloe wanted to be because it helped me get rid of thr pain that tormented me, the nightmares reduced and I thought if I start behaving like Khloe I would her spirit back to life and I thought that wss the right thing to do, I'm sorry I caused you pain, I deserve whatever punishment the court decides to give me even if its death sentence I would gladly accept it," Ruby said in tears. "I don't have your time Rebecca, Stay alive and let Karma deal with you, let her give you a fair share of the pain I and my daughter felt, putting you behind bars won't make me forget my daughter and how she died so I'm not going to press charges," She said and stood up. She stared at Ruby for a while before she finally walked out on her without allowing Ruby to say anything else.
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