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Chapter 44 It Was Really Eleanor Swinton

  • Neither Luca nor Yvette nor Mary said anything in response to the question Xiomara had asked. The story Xiomara had just told them was so painful and no one would blame her for wanting her pound of flesh, they would do the same if they were her besides the Wallace family can't deny not having a hand in what had happened to her parents. "I didn't let you all know about this because I don't want my secret to be revealed to the world and I want you all to look at me differently," Xiomara said switching off the projector, there was nothing else to see there.
  • "I'm still going to make the Wallace family pay for what they did, they turned me into this monster that I am and I'm going to let that monster devour them," Xiomara said letting them know she wasn't going to back down on her plans. "I'm sorry I misunderstood you, I didn't know this back story and only judged the matter from what I thought I knew about the Wallace family, they put out this good image to the public so I thought it was unfair of you to traumatize them, I'm really sorry for misunderstanding you," Yvette apologized. After hearing Xiomara's sad back story, she now understood why her boss was the way she was, she was s strong woman because she was forced to be strong, she was rude and a badass sassy bitch because she didn't want people to come and take what hers, she was overprotective of her daughter saying no to most of her request especially party requests because she feared she might experience the same thing she experienced during her prom night, she isn't a bad person, she is just trying to get her closure and be able to move on with her life because her life seemed to be revolving around her past pain, she hasn't gotten over it no matter how much she thinks she has and Yvette was sorry for the hurtful words she had said to her.
  • "You don't need to apologize, Yvette, it's my fault that I didn't tell you all, I never thought you all would have this impression of me," Xiomara said and made to walk away but Luca's words stopped her. "We are going to help you get back at them, we are going to go the extra mile to make sure those that raped you and those that killed your parents get a bitter and sorrowful death," Luca said and Xiomara smiled trying to hide the tears. "Yes, just tell us whatever you want us to do for you, Tell us who you want us to kill and that person is dead," Marry said supporting Luca. "Thank you, I wonder what I would have done with you guys," Xiomara said, she walked back to the projector switching it back on, it was time to find out who the culprit was and now that Yvette, Luca and Mary were now aware of the entire situation, she was going to find them fast. "This is a flash drive given to me by a friend of mine from high school, it contains pictures and videos from the prom night including the list of those that attended," Xiomara said showing them the flash drive. "Nice, I would just use the printer and print the list before we go through the pictures and Videos," Yvette said taking the flash drive from Xiomara.
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