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Chapter 37 Laugh It Off

  • Anna stared at her as her mind raced to so many things that could be the condition "So what's the condition?" Anna asked and Xiomara twitched her lips in a smile adjusting on her seat. "Well, I just need the names of our classmates who attended the prom night plus...." "I can't do that" Anna snapped even before Xiomara could complete her sentence. "I'm not even done yet and you are already saying no, why don't you hear me out first?" Xiomara said and Anna just stared at her without saying anything. "I need their names and the videos and pictures from the prom night and then you would pledge your loyalty to me," Xiomara said and Anna scoffed. "You got to be kidding me, at this age and century, you want me to be your slave what sort of human being are you?" Anna asked looking at Xiomara in a disgusted manner. "Suite yourself darling, I'm not forcing you to do anything, it's a fair bargain if you think about it, you save your dream daycare from closing down and become the owner and I get what I want, Money is really hard to come by these days and I'm going to spend a lot buying and supporting the daycare," Xiomara said. "I don't care, I'm going to save up for it myself and I would tell the whole world who you truly are," Anna said getting up. "I would be the death of you Anna Daniels, I'm going to end your existence and no one would ask questions talk more of saying a word to me, it's best if we become friends and not enemies," Xiomara said those words shooting Anna a cold stare, she smirked standing up and walked towards her. She flashed her a smile before whispering into her ears "You don't do the walking away, I do," with that Xiomara walked out on her even before Anna could say a word. Anna just stood there dumbfounded, Xiomara's words kept ringing in her head and it sent a cold chill down her body. "I really need to do something about this," Anna muttered getting a grasp of herself.
  • "What Tuesday?" Glamour shouted throwing Henry a long stare. "I was going to tell you, darling, I wanted to surprise you but...." "But what?" Glamour snapped at Henry before he could complete his sentence. "Babe I'm sorry," Henry managed to apologize but it didn't help to calm Glamour down. "Sorry, is that all you have to say huh? Everyone knows we are meeting your family tomorrow and I'm just finding out today this way," Glamour said angrily. "You need to calm down darling, I'm sure Henry might have his reasons besides you shouldn't speak to your boyfriend in such a manner in front of everyone," Olivia said but Glamour was already upset, her relationship with was just s set up affair arranged by Olivia and Henry's mother Mrs. Grace Bartlett, Henry wasn't in any way her ideal kind of man so everything he does practically upsets her. "I called for the meeting myself, Henry didn't have enough time to prepare so I guess he didn't tell you because he doesn't want to stress you," Mr. Maxwell said in Henry's defence. Glamour rolled her eyes not believing whatever they said. Tomorrow was Tuesday and she would definitely be putting an end to the drama going on in her life for the past two years. "I'm sorry," Henry said. "Well, I just need to call my secretary to get my outfit ready," Glamour said. "Well about that, I already sorted it out," Henry said and brought out a Louis Vuitton shopping bag. "It's a limited edition," he said handing her over the bag. Glamour's lips twitched in a smile as her eyes beheld the lovely dress, she loved expensive limited edition things and that was one thing Henry noticed about her immediately they meet and started dating "I love it," Glamour said and smooched Henry. "Aww, aren't you to one lovely couple," Olivia smiled. "Yes, you need to see Glenn spoiling me with gifts, he is the best" Sasha said and Keith smirked. Sasha had a first-class PhD in lying because he has never bought any gift for her talk more of spoiling her with gifts. "Oh I know, I raised my son better, and I'm so proud of him," Olivia said feeling proud of herself as a mother.
  • "Why aren't you saying anything, I noticed your mood isn't as cheerful as it used to be or are not happy that we are eating together as a family?" Mr. Maxwell asked noticing Glenn's sour mood. "He's happy father, aren't you happy son?" Olivia asked almost immediately after Mr. Maxwell completed his statement, she turned to Glenn giving him a wink whose meaning was only known by her, Glenn and of course Glamour. "I'm fine grandfather," Glenn began understanding the wink. "Just stress from work," he added and Mr. Maxwell nodded his head. "You should rest sometimes, I already made enough money to last you a lifetime," Mr. Maxwell said with a proud smile plastered on his face. He was old but his habit of bragging about his wealth hasn't changed. "I want to make more," Glenn said in a joking manner and they all laughed. Glenn might be cold-hearted and all but he was totally a different person with his family, he was loving, jovial and overprotective of his twin sister.
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