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Chapter 52 You Aren't Better Than Her

  • "Yes, I do remember," Xiomara said almost immediately, she couldn't wait for them to come clean with her and give her the names of the boys that did rape her before she blows their brains with the pistol she came with. She had suspected the whole hangout stuff and after much thought, she ruled it as a trap and decided to carry a full-loaded pistol just in case the need arise. "We decided to take it upon ourselves and go to the school archive and get you the video, thanks to Whitney, who suggested it," Amber said and Xiomara turned to Whitney. "Aren't you a sweetheart, I already forgot about it because I know my busy schedule won't let me do so... Thanks so much," Xiomara smiled. "Yeah, you are welcome, I figured that out but when I got there I was told the original copy has been taken so I just took one of the duplicates, the original was taken by one Miss Mary," Whitney said. "Miss Mary, did we have any Mary in our class?" Paige asked. "I don't think so, never heard of any Mary but I just think they release the footage to anyone," Xiomara said. "Yeah true, I'm sure they do that, I should have sent my secretary if I was aware of this information," Whitney said sarcastically.
  • "But what's with the black outfit, Genesis, I doubt if we would be able to see you in there?" Jasse asked and Xiomara smiled without saying anything. "Why did you wear the dress, Genesis?" Missy asked in a trembling voice making Xiomara spare her a stunned look. "No reason, I just felt like wearing it," Xiomara said. She wasn't sure why she wore the clothes, maybe because she had plans of killing and she had the habit of wearing a black outfit whenever she felt like killing someone. To Xiomara, it was a sign of her last respect to the deceased and she also does send flowers to the people she has killed. "Oh... It's starting," Eleanor said and they all focused their attention towards the television and the light gradually went down. Xiomara wasn't really interested in watching the clip since she already watched it and she had a copy at home so she can rewatch it whenever she likes but she still pretended as if it was her first time watching it. "Oh my, Maya's clothe looks so nice," Xiomara said giving them the impression that she was engrossed in the video. Xiomara waited for the perfect time before she decided to excuse herself to go to the restroom. Immediately she left Eleanor hissed and dropped her wine glass forcefully. "I don't see what this doing for us, we still don't know if she's the one sending the note to us," Eleanor said angrily. "This place is expensive, private theatre yet nothing," Jasse supported Eleanor. Things weren't going as they had planned and it was upsetting them. "Yeah, it seems Genesis hasn't even watched the clip before, I knew we shouldn't have suspected her," Missy said still in a trembling voice. "Why is your voice shaking Missy, you are going to make her think we are doing something, why don't you just fix your voice?" Amber said. "I'm scared okay, just the thought of the note waiting for me in my mailbox creeps me out, I'm really scared and I feel like I'm losing my mind, I relaxed because I thought it was Genesis Dean and we have finally caught her but she came putting on a black outfit, one of the note says black is the favourite colour of my killer, what if she's my killer and she's here to kill me," Missy said. "Can you even listen to yourself, why would she kill you in our presence, just fix your voice and Genesis is still a suspect until proven otherwise," Paige said.
  • "Don't worry, I already inserted a tracking device on her phone and also a call voice over from now onwards we get to know where she goes, especially where she lives and listen to her conversation," Whitney said dropping Xiomara's phone. She had picked it up immediately after she left and was busy doing her thing while ignoring them as they argue. "Nice, this is going to help us," Missy said in a trembling voice. "Missy the voice, Do something about it," Whitney said. "You know what just don't speak because if you keep talking, Genesis is going to figure something out, that woman is smarter than we think she is," Eleanor said.
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