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Chapter 35 Fake Genesis Dean

  • Glenn stared at his office door for the next five minutes, he couldn't wrap his head around what had just happened. He grabbed his office telephone and dialled the receptionist's number. "Good afternoon... Sorry good morning sir" the first receptionist greeted. Glenn closed his eyes gradually trying to suppress the anger in him. "Who let her in?" He asked. The first receptionist glanced at the second receptionist before shifting her gaze to Xiomara, who blew them a kiss and waved. "I thought she was an acquaintance of yours, because of the way she address you," she said amidst fear. "An acquaintance of mine, interesting, you both are fired," Glenn said and ended the call immediately. He wasn't sure if he meant his words of firing his two receptionists on the same day but he was pretty sure he would definitely make them pay. "Ursula Day, who the hell is that?" Glenn thought, he was used to being the one throwing the threats at people and never had anyone come into his territory to threaten him.
  • Xiomara smiled driving out of the Wallace conglomerate, she felt a bit relieved seeing the face of the man controlling her family's wealth. "But isn't he too young," Xiomara thought with a frown on her face. "There has to be someone big behind him, he looks more like a puppet controlled by a puppet master," Xiomara said with a smirk on her face. Her phone rang and she quickly slowed down the car to answer her ringing phone. "Hi, who I'm I speaking with?" Xiomara asked inserting the earpod in her ear. "Who are you speaking with, I think I should be the one asking you that, Fake Genesis Dean," Anna said with a smirk plastered on her face. After stealing Xiomara's number from Monalisa's phone, she immediately left the daycare down to the restaurant she has been trying the number but there was no luck, she just got lucky this time around.
  • Xiomara grabbed her phone to look at the number but it was a private number. "Who are you?" Xiomara asked and Anna scoffed. "Who do you think I am, I'm Genesis Dean," Anna said. Xiomara felt a rush of cold shiver down her blood, what was going on, the last time she checked, Genesis Dean was dead even though it was yet to be verified. "Gen..esis" Xiomara shuttered, she tried to hide her fear but her voice betrayed her. "Hmm, yes I am Genesis Dean and don't even try to run away because I know you, including your car licence number AZK-0867-NY and I'm going to expose everything not just to Grethel and Monalisa but to everyone I know that knows you are using my identity," Anna threatened. She was very angry and was ready to fight whosoever was using her identity with the last drop of blood, even if that was the only thing she does. "Interesting, I see you did your research pretty well, so tell me, what exactly do you want?" Xiomara asked and Anna nodded her head, she was finally getting the attention she solely needed. "Meet me at Karen restaurant in five minutes if you don't come or even if you are just a minute late, I would do something you won't like," Anna said and ended the call even before Xiomara could say a word. Xiomara smirked staring at her phone. "Wow, that happened sooner than I had expected," Xiomara said. She searched for the restaurant using her Google map it was a ten minutes drive from where she was. "Good since I'm already late, why don't I survey my newest enemy," Xiomara said as she grabbed her laptop. She quickly inputted the IP address of the private number and luckily for her, it wasn't locked so she began to track it. In not less than five minutes, the registered profile and number were displayed on her laptop screen. "Interesting, Anna Daniels, isn't she a staff at the daycare," Xiomara said as she recalled the face from the day Grethel and Monalisa had introduced her as a staff. Xiomara scoffed shaking her head vigorously. "That's just great," Xiomara said and started her car ignition. She got to the restaurant and checked her time, she was already thirty minutes late which was just perfect.
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