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Chapter 39 The Trials of Scotland

  • Dave spitting out blood as he endured another beating as the one he thought had been his brother watched. For days now, Dave had been beaten repeatedly until every bone in his body had been broken. The collar around his neck prevented him from changing because Stephen wanted Dave to feel everything. Dave had been dipped broiling hot water as his skin was barely hanging on. The others who were captured were separated and Dave didn't know where they were located. He only knew that he could see them on screen and they could see him. All of the females were chained to the walls only wearing their undergarments. They were not to be touched till the full moon. Brock and Arran and the others were also caged and beaten but not nearly close to what Dave had gotten. Stephen signal to others to leave the room. Once everyone was gone and Stephen turned off the video camera so no one could see or hear.
  • "My baby brother or should I say my only nephew, you betrayed for Ariel. Then you fathered not one, not two but fucking six mutts. Your wife isn't just a vampire but a fucking half breed, gargoyle and vampire. However she isn't a true gargoyle oh no, Dave she is more than that. A fucking Nephilim's child. That's why she can absorb creatures abilities. The "gargoyle" blood was because her grandmother fell in love with a gargoyle, so that the Nephilim bloodline could be kept hidden. Now, we cannot kill your wife because she has accepted her legacy. Her children because of you are not only stronger but are going to be harder to kill because they have primordial bloodlines. The only good thing is they haven't reached their full potential, so they can be killed. It's just not going to be easy. It's going to take a full blooded Nephilim to do the job, have you ever heard of a Jaeger? We had Jaegers in our troops, you remember before you became a soldier you had to prove yourself by being a Jaeger. Well a Nephilim Jaeger are a lot more fierce, aren't they brother. They hunt down children that parent's went wayward. The children are hunted down and slaughtered. Ariel survived because her mother and father were very careful about her that she didn't even know what she truly was. However now with everything going on you would think the children would be even more protected. Wrong. They have been able to find the children that have been hidden by other Nephilims. The Jaegers now know about your children too, a little birdie told them. They cannot kill Ariel but she is going to be too busy to intervene. And well you are here, you really think Friedrich is going to protect your children? He won't stand a chance. dave you'll need your rest soon; since you have betrayed I have finally figured out the best punishment. I want to keep you alive long enough to watch as your children are slaughtered. They are coming here and turst me, I want them to find you as you are being roasted alive. The problem is how do I keep them from knowing about what is really going on and you from giving them the information. Oh wait!" Stephen smiled becoming more and more revengeful as Dave's eyes had hate and pain mixed in. Stephen lifting Dave by the chin, "You letting them know you were in Scotland wasn't a slip up on my part because I needed them to know exactly where you were. Oh yes, I have known you were contacting them, Dave. When Ariel had made those raids, I knew someone was feeding her information. It wasn't just my men's memories she was feeding off but you were letting her know secrets. Our family's secret and who to go after. So I knew if I gave you the location, eventually, your children would find you. So everything that I have said won't be heard, you'll be too busy to let them know about the traps I have set up waiting for your wife and her army and the traps for your children; two different locations while we are so far underneath the surface. You see your wife believes she has stopped the dark clouds from combing through the surface but she only prevented one way not the main gates. On the surface where the castle towers are the undead creatures that have been wanting to feed. They are waiting for the feast that is coming with Ariel's army. Once they are released it will set into motions the other traps that waiting for your children and those with them. Then cloud will be released and those with your wife and children will be turned. As your children flee trying to save their father they will meet their grizzly fate of death, that is waiting for them now. The armies of men will fall and the creatures that were sworn to uphold the courts and the Order will fall; the only one standing will be my army and I. Those in the domes will either be our food or our slaves. What do you think of that brother, you think have known pain now. Just wait. Once you see your children butchered you'll be released still wearing that collar and then torn apart by the hungry dead. I want you to know something else; even if I cannot kill your wife. I know how to trap her where she won't interfere with my plans anymore. You see, Nephilim's blood has only one weakness. One weakness only and you found it when you made her yours. Once Dark Heart places his own heart into Arran's chest. Once the transition has been made, then the blood in Arran will run black; all of which, will be coursing through his veins. Because of your bite, she can be taken down by silver, but it has to mixed in with Dark heart's blood."
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