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Chapter 32 The Keepers of the Laws

  • Ariel along with Vladimire and Igor were on the outskirts when she had gotten the message that the base had been attacked right after they had left. Her children were able to correspond with her letting her know they were being, and she hoped they had gotten her message of the button that Waylan had installed in most of his planes before his passing. She waited to see if there was any sight of the children coming in as the others were trying to get a hold of the keepers but hadn't had any sign of guardians when Ariel saw a darken clouds rolling in as thunderous sounds were being made when they witness the grounds opening up and creatures that had been talked about through myths and legends were now racing towards them.
  • Igor shifting into Lycan form as Vlad calling forth flames from his hands, but it was Ariel that held up her hands and looking towards the sky as she saw the plane with her children and the other children inside, "Wait! Get them out once they land and get them to shelter."
  • Those who had come with them formed a circle around Igor and Vlad who were used to giving orders but understood that this was not a time to have a pissing contest as they waited for the plane the land as creatures were racing towards them. Those in the plane scrambling to get every child out as some were firing shorts as the creatures of old were coming towards but what seemed like forever were mere seconds as every child and every warrior were inside except for one. Ariel skin was like flames as the creatures halted for though they were many had sensed the danger that they had ran into as she reached towards the heavens as lightning flashed striking those in the air but then flames came striking the creatures as they tried running back but with great force Ariel struck the ground with both her fists sending an earthquake which disoriented the creatures trying to go back into the hole that they had created in the first place. Creatures that directed their attention to her as they tried going after her, but she opened her mouth and blew an air and from her lips wind came that pushed them back and as she struck her bracers together as many of the creatures turned to ashes. Ariel though she couldn't see her follies she felt them and felt their energy that they were giving off. She raised her hands once more as short hands blades were formed by her mind as her blades were pure energy as she ran towards the creatures and leaped into the air because she wasn't going to allow one to escape back into the hole. The pure energy of her blades cut through the flesh and armor of the beast some of them trying to strike back were met with sudden flashes of electricity coming from her flesh and what would have taken a regular army, hours or even days, but only minutes had passed. It was Ariel, who stood alone amongst the corpses of the creatures that were summoned to kill her and those that were with her. From the sideline were very few creatures, who were only there to watch the entire scene. Ariel turned to see them as she started walking back to the monastery, allowing them to fly away, for they were Stephen's spies. She wanted him to know that she was coming for him very soon once she rallied other troops. Though fighting an army, she proved she could alone however she couldn't be everywhere at once. As she turned away from the battlefield behind her the flames emerged from the bodies. she had gotten word that the animals were eating the dead and then becoming infected. As the bodies burned the chances of animals or anything else becoming infected diminished. Ariel walking back, she was allowing herself to return to normal where she wasn't a threat to anyone. Her flesh no longer felt heated as her temperature lowered back down, for her body was no longer a weapon as her blades had already disappeared and though she was covered in blood it was the least of what was on her mind. She was back in the shelter where the others had been prepared for an attack or creatures getting passed her, but none did. She sensed her children, she lowered herself down to her knees allowing her children to know that it was safe for them to run towards her. Though she was covered in blood from the battle they didn't care as her son told her that their father and the others were taken by a scary Lycan with glowing red eyes. Ariel saw what was ahead and that they were walking into a trap which was why Stephen had sent the creatures in the first place. He wanted them to rush to the castle for safety where there were others waiting for them to even kill the children.
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