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Chapter 35 The Dome Life

  • Allison marked the day that have passed on part of the barrier that she could see from the windows. The few weeks that have passed, she had seen so much that she thought she was in a nightmare that she couldn't wake up from. Outside they had seen creatures coming towards them even though the barrier hadn't broken yet her nightmare was that one of these days the barrier would break, and those creatures would come inside. She was happy that her family had gotten solar panels and much of the town had some power but farmers who were on the outside couldn't get them food and she had already seen some of her family's friends torn apart then at night the dark green clouds emerge with the darken charcoal clouds bringing the dead to life. She had seen wild animals feed off the dead carcasses and later those animals turning into something that not even science-fiction could dream up. It was just her and her mother as everyone began waking up early and she was already running late. Those who still had farming land began working the fields much like the days before equipment. There were still cattle and sheep and various other animals that could be used for meat and milk, so the food supply was still accessible. Though there were mainly cows and steers they were able to go to the veterinary office and was able to find bull sperm, so thankfully Allison's mother knew what to do. Her father was cattle rancher, and she was from a long line of ranchers, so she knew what to do. Some of the hogs were moved so that they wouldn't contaminate the water supply. Since the barrier, money was no use in here, so everyone had to start trading in order to get what they needed. Most of the kids in town were told to explore and they began learning how to gather so that there were other food sources plus most of the kids began helping on the farms so that they felt useful. Since no one could go online or have signal, mainly they were able to use the land line within the barrier but outside was futile. The businesses kept the buildings running at night only to conserve the power because the hospital was running a lot of power, but thanks to some of the science teachers they were able to come up with another power source by digging a hole deep they used copper wiring and had managed to set the hole much like a pool with salt water, the new power source was used on a few homes after a few days. Soon, a few homes had gotten plastic and glass and began painting the bottoms of the containers solid black. Within days several solar ponds were setup and the town had come together to fix the power solutions. There were like five science teachers that branched out to different areas to help fix issues that may arise, so far in the barrier it had rain a few times which amazed several so of course water was collected. However, medical supplies were running short, so that was one thing to address. Allsion arrived in town when she saw from the distance new people that no one had ever seen however she saw them shift into other creatures and she hid for a moment as she looked for a way to get closer without being spotted and she listened to what was being said to the crowd of people that she had known most of her life.
  • "What do you mean that we need to sacrifice people? We can't do that." The mayor stated as people were standing behind and one of the creatures had started laughing, "How much longer will those people in the hospital will survive off medications? Those how rely on insulin and other medications, or those who cannot work will only get in the way. Do you not understand that we are in charge, and we are demanding that anyone who cannot pull their weight be given to us now or should we just take them in front of their loved ones?"
  • Allison's mother was diabetic and she knew they were talking about her mother who was the only one who knew how inseminate the cows and knew other things that most didn't about ranching considering most of the farmers and ranchers were on the other side of the barrier that was being dubbed the dome. One of the mothers looked at her infant child, "What about our babies and our children?"
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