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Chapter 37 Teja's Punishment!

  • Teja POV:-
  • After I argued with Tanish, I come to the female washroom. My hands where Tanish griped me pain a lot. When I remove my sleeves of Kurti then I saw that my hands have blue marks. I tried to touch them, and it hurt. I cried not because I am hurt. It's because of Srishti's words. So, that's what she thoughts about me. I don't know what did I do to her that she hates me to this extent.
  • I washed my face and wiped my face, and when I stopped crying. I hate crying, but when I become broke and unable to show that I am strong. I come to the washroom and cry my whole heart out.
  • I know today I missed 2 classes. But I can't help it. I don't want to face anyone. Then, I heard an announcement. The principal told me to meet them in the principal office.
  • I am shocked. How can this happen? I calm myself first and go to the principal office.
  • I knocked at the door, and I heard "come in" from inside. I entered the room and saw the angry face of the principal.
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