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Chapter 24 Talk With Mom

  • Teja's POV:-
  • After the argument with Tanish. We become friends. He still annoys me but in our lectures, he too focuses on our studies and never disturbed me. He is not a bad guy after talking to him. I understand the first thing about him. I saw how girls trying to throw at him. I felt pity for him. I understood why he behaves like this but I saw him to flirted with other girls. I sighed because he is using girls.
  • I come to my home after completing school. I entered the hall and saw mom sitting on the sofa and talking to someone on phone. I went to my room and changed my dress and when I was about to wear a top and jeans I heard a notification message ring on my phone. I took my phone and saw its message from the coaching classes class I went to today. I opened my phone and saw the message it shows, " Today is off because of some emergency. "
  • Then I decided to wear some night tops and pajamas. Then I went downstairs and saw mom, grandma, and bubbly sitting in the dining room. Mom was serving them their food. I came towards them and sit on my seat.
  • Mom gave me rice and curry. I ate it and put my used utensils in the sink.
  • Mom ate her food before me and went to her room. I came towards her room and knocked.
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