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Chapter 30 Fully Shameless Nirbhik!!

  • Kaya POV:-
  • He grabbed my hand roughly and threw me at the wall. I was so shocked and my back head hit the wall with my full body.
  • He came towards me I saw his eyes which is full of anger. He again roughly grabbed my elbow.
  • " What are you doing Nirbhik? Have you gone mad? Why are you behaving like this?" I asked and jerked off his hands.
  • " Tell me, Kaya, do you have any affair with ACP Arjun ?" He asked and roughly grabbed my hair in his fist and forced me to face him. I was shocked to hear this.
  • Before I could slap him someone throw him on the floor. I saw that person's face, and I was stunned. It was ACP Arjun.
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