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Chapter 16 Past Recall

  • Kaya POV:-
  • " How can you say this to her? Are you even a human? " I asked my husband.
  • " Yes, I said this to her. What is the problem with it? She saved a person. He was generously given money to her. Why didn't she take that money? Then I didn't have to give her money for her tuition fees. " He replied.
  • " You will never understand her intention. It's your responsibility for her education, not someone else responsibility. She is your daughter. " I said.
  • " She is not my daughter. I just tolerate that burden of responsibility that my brother left for me. " He said and I slapped him.
  • " She may be a burden to you but she is everything to me. I don't want anyone to hurt her. " I replied and left for Teja's room.
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