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Chapter 13 Saving a man

  • Akaash POV:-
  • When I came to India. I thought that it's not going to be so much fun. But when I first come to school and saw Teja I fell in love with her by her innocent look. What a sweet, innocent, cute girl she is? She is like an angel who made everyone's heart melt. I am very happy that I spent all classes with her. We can talk about our studies and we made a friendship with each other. Now I have a good friend. I am so happy. Maybe when I had a chance I told her about my feelings but it's not the right time. She is very hardworking too.
  • I felt so bad when Tanish talked badly to her. I want to protect her at any cost. That's why I warned him. Then I come to see her if she is okay. I come to class. I ask about her to everyone in our class. I friendship all of them. I found out that almost 90% of boys in our class liked her. Even the whole school knew about her and boys like her but didn't dare to tell her. Everyone feared her mother. Her mother is a social worker. She has an angry face all the time and she smiles when she saw Teja.
  • " Where are you Teja? " I am in the corridor and tried to find her but no one saw her. Then I ring the bell and everyone started to go back to their classes.
  • In 2 minutes I saw her. " Teja are you okay? " I asked.
  • " I'm fine what could have happened to me." She replied with a smile.
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