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Chapter 2 Character Sketch

  • Character Sketch:-
  • Teja Narayan- 16 year sweet, innocent, brave, fragile, reserve, and saving money person who wants to become a doctor. In this whole world, she only loves her mother and little sister a lot. She had a difficult life since birth. She is always hurt physically by her own mistakes.
  • Tanish Kashyap- 18 year arrogant, bastard, cocky, and a rich-spoil brat who had a carefree life. He has a lovely family who fulfills his every wish but, he doesn't like his father because he sent him to a middle-class school. But he respects his father a lot because he achieves everything on his own.
  • Aakash Rathore- 18 year sweet, sensible, caring, understanding, intelligent, handsome boy who falls in love with Teja at first sight. He is Teja's best friend. She shares everything with him. He is never able to tell her his love for her. He always supports Teja whether it is physically, mentally, socially, and psychologically.
  • Raj Kashyap- He is Tanish's father, who is 45 years old. He is a successful businessman and cares about his family a lot. He adores Teja a lot and loves her like a daughter. He owns an enterprise company.
  • Rajshree Kashyap- She is Tanish's mother, who is 43. She loves her son a lot but also worries about her son's whereabouts. She is a sweet and ambitious woman who likes to help in her husband's business. She is the CEO of Kashyap Enterprises.
  • Nirbhik Baghel- He is Teja's stepfather, who is 46 years old. He is a selfish person who never loves his family. He never treats Teja nicely because she is his big brother's daughter. He taunted his wife and Teja for helping by wedding with her mother. He is a manwhore too. Even his wife and Teja knew about this but kept silent. He has a small photoshop shop. He is showing off of his shop always.
  • Kaya Devi- She is Teja's mother, who is 41 years old. She is a strict person but friendly with her daughters and helps her with emotional support. Teja discusses everything with her mother. She also loves Teja a lot and helps her father by handling his husband's business from time to time. She advises her husband a lot. Kaya listens to their taunts just for her daughter. She waits for her daughter to become successful and get married to a good family.
  • Sakshi Devi- She is Teja's grandmother, who never likes her and her mother. She is trying to create misunderstandings between his stepfather and mother. She loves her son and daughter a lot.
  • Babita Baghel- She is Teja's half-sister, who is only 12. She is a smart girl. She is a cute and talkative person who likes to make friends a lot. She loves her di with her whole heart.
  • Srishti Sharma- She is Teja's ex-friend, who loves Tanish a lot. She is a rich, arrogant, attitude type of person who loves to bully others. She is jealous of Teja a lot about her helping personality and popularity.