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Dream- An Ambition

Dream- An Ambition

Tripti Narayan

Update: 2021-11-25

Chapter 1 Prologue

  • Author’s POV:-
  • Teja saw herself in front of a mirror wearing a red lehenga, jewelry, and make-up on her face. She smiles seeing her mother, who is also happy for her daughter getting married. Teja feels sorrow in her heart and can't help but feel like crying her whole heart out. She has to be strong for her mother and sister.
  • "Beta, are you sure you want to marry Tanish because this is the last time. I ask you?" her mother's Kaya asked.
  • "yes, ma! You know na I love him. That's why I'm going to marry him." Teja replied.
  • "I know, dear. But I still feel like you had lied to me tum pakka ho na tum mujhse juth nhi bol rahi"( Are you seriously not lied to me?) kaya asked.
  • "Ma aap Janto ho mane Kabhi aapse juth nhi bolti fir aap Aisa kyu bol rahe ho? Kya aap mujh par barosa nhi karte?" ( Ma, you knew very well I never lied to you. Don't you believe me?) Teja asked.
  • "I know, beta, you never lied to me but, still I asked you because I know very well it's a big decision for everyone. Anyways, I know he'll take care of you very well Because he loves you so much. I can't believe it. Finally, my daughter is in love and going to get married." Kaya said.
  • "I'm sorry, mom!!! For the first time, I lied to you. But, I can't do anything. Why? God, why? Why are you doing this to me?" Teja thought.
  • Soon Babita came to the bride's room.
  • "Wow, Oh My God! Di, is that you? I can't believe you are looking breathtaking. When jiju(brother-in-law) sees you, I'm sure he will going to faint." Babita teased her sister.
  • "Chal Pagal ladki! Aisa Kuch nhi Hoga bulky tumhare jiju tumhari didi ko dekh kar apni aakhe faad lenge."(No stupid girl, It will not happen. But, your brother-in-law's eyes will be pop out by their sockets just by seeing your sister) Kaya teased her daughter.
  • "Maa, aap bhi. "(Maa, you also.) Teja said. Her cheeks are slightly red.
  • "Ok! Now we will not tease you. But, mom has to go because our brother-in-law is here." Babita said.
  • " Ohh! they are here. I have to go to perform the ritual. Babita, You have to wait here with your sister," Kaya said.
  • "Ok, mom! I'll take care of here now go." Babita replied.
  • Then Kaya goes downstairs.
  • Soon Kaya comes back. They took Teja with them, and their wedding rituals started to perform, and soon they both walk around mandapa( 7 times) then he fills her partition with vermillion and wears her nuptial chain, and now they complete their marriage.
  • "Congratulations, wifey!" now her husband said.
  • "Yes, Tanish Ji," Teja said with her teary face.