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Chapter 39 Permission!

  • Tanish POV:-
  • After her check-up, I came towards her and told my parents that I am coming in a minute. They agreed and left.
  • I saw Teja. She is looking lifeless like she doesn't want to live. I feel sad. I sit beside her and took her and started to titillate her hand.
  • " Teja, do you know since you had entered my life, my life is getting changed. I'm changing. I am the one who always rejected girls. But you are the first one who never shows any interest in me and my family's money. You respect elders, love children, books, helpful towards others. I don't know when but I felt a pull towards you. I want to love you. I want you to become mine. I hate that f***ing Akaash because he always be a gentleman to you and you are best friends. I know he loves you a lot. Since the first day. I know how he saw you. I hate him that he looks at you with love. " I explained.
  • " I like you when you are annoyed with me. I love you when you make pout and yell at me. I love you when you explained everything when someone asked you anything. You are very special to me. I think I am falling in love with you. I don't want to lose you. I promise I'll make you MINE." I promised her.
  • I cover her up with a blanket and kiss her on the forehead. I'm sure when we will awake she is going to curse me first.
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