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Chapter 15 Greedy Father

  • Tanish POV:-
  • When she left I came back to class and eat my lunch with some boys.
  • " Hello, Tanish. My name is Piyush, at my left side is Daksh, then Ankit, then Ravi that at your right side is Nurullah. " Piyush black hair introduced me to everyone.
  • " Who stands at that window is Ritik Pal with goggles and beside him is Ritik Adhikari. They are best friends. " He explained.
  • " Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you," I said.
  • " Now I told you about girls, you met to Teja. That one ponytail girl is Anjali, then Gullafsha, Then Tannu, then Priyanshi. " He explained.
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