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Chapter 34 Tanish Apology!

  • Teja POV:-
  • After sir announced our results and give them their answer sheets. I saw everyone was looking very satisfied when I didn't gain good marks. I felt embarrassed. I saw Tanish looking at me with an apologetic smile, and I glared at him. He turned his face to another side.
  • " Class I knew everyone is shocked about Teja's marks. But I knew there must be problems between her and his seat partner. " He said.
  • " But sir it's an excuse. She is just trying to frame Tanish. I would like to suggest if you deposed her from her monitor position, then she will focus on her studies. " She said while eyeing me evilly.
  • She thinks I care about this position. But I really don't care about it because sir request me. That's why I agreed to this position.
  • I like to participate in competitions just to challenge my skills and improve them.
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