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Chapter 26 Kaya's Feelings

  • Kaya's POV:-
  • It's been 8 hours since we came to the hospital. Doctors and nurses came in and out of her room from time to time to check Teja. They said their medicines are not working on her but they are trying their best. By listening to their words made my heartbreak into million pieces. She has suffered since birth. She never tried to be stubborn about something like toys, food, etc. Even she liked something and I asked her that " Do you want this? " she always turn her face towards me and with a smile she always said, "No, maa I don't need it."
  • Her father always said that she is "misni"(which means she never shared her feelings with anyone).
  • After her father died she became mature at the age of 3. She became responsible for her late sister. Whenever her sister fell ill. She sat beside her and put a wet cloth on her head and wiped her sweat till she became stable.
  • She always focused on her studies and even always helped her partners in their studies.
  • "How can my child become this selfless? She never took care of herself and always did good things for others. She never became a burden to me but my strength. God, how can you be this cruel to her? She suffered from everything and at that time she cried silently. So I couldn't able to found out about her feelings. Am I not enough of this that you dragged my daughter in this mess." I thought.
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