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Chapter 7 Irritated Tanish!

  • Tanish POV:-
  • After that encounter, My thoughts are roaming around that girl. Who is she? Damn!!!! I am hell frustrated now. I am trying to find her. But, I am not able to see her.
  • My parents entertain them somewhere, most of the girls trying to talk to me. I ignored them. I want to say that face.
  • "Hey, Tanish. Is everything alright, boy? " Mom asked. But, before I reply to her. She said." Do you know, son? Today, I met a girl? She was so sweet, innocent, smart, sensible, mature just at the age of 16. She is so understanding and wants to become independent on her own. She is connecting to our culture. I love her. I wish I had a daughter like but what she said inspired me. She said, " Aunt. When your son got married in the future, you had a daughter because daughter-in-law is also a daughter." I can't believe 16 years old girl talks like this mature." Mom explained enthusiastically, and I feel trouble listening to that girl.
  • But what mom said what she said was indeed inspiring. She is something.
  • " Ohh! seriously! Wow, she is indeed something dear. " Dad replied honestly.
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