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Chapter 36 Angry Tanish!

  • Srishti POV:-
  • That girl I really can't believe she dares to raise her hand to me. She never did to anyone. Even she bore me every bully and never cried. But I saw her cry silently in the female washroom. She always behaves like an innocent pity girl. When did she become a tigress?
  • How dare she talk to me like that? I will take my revenge. I know what I have to do. I smiled at my perfect plan.
  • Tanish POV:-
  • We are all shocked when Teja slapped Srishti. I mean she always fights when I annoyed her so much. That I crossed the limit of her patience. I found out from my classmates that Srishti always bullied Teja not physically hurt but mentally by her family wealth and Teja never do anything. If she bore everything then why did she slap her today?
  • " There must be a reason. " Akaash and I said at the same time.
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