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Chapter 20 Betrayal

  • Srishti POV:-
  • Since Teja entered our school she became the center of attention immediately. Maybe no one said to her about how special she is, but everyone admires her secretly. Even girls, feel jealous of her they can't skip the fact that her innocent face can attract everyone towards her. All teachers in our school admired her. Boys always thought about her but didn't dare to tell their feelings. She maybe looked fatty in our school uniform but I saw her in her home dress. She looked like an angel coming from the heavens. But I don't understand, She did not even come from a high-class society so why did everyone admires her.
  • She is even insane because she helps everyone even those who betrayed her in some incident. I thought stupid at this point. Why doesn't she seek revenge on those people who hurt her?
  • Anyways, why do I care about her? I'm from a high class.
  • I never want to attend this school but my dad admitted my brother and me to this school because he wants their children to study in his school where he became inspired and motivated. He achieved a lot of success after that school.
  • My brother and father too liked Teja because of her skills, talent, intelligence, and innocence. My brother fell in love with her when he saw her first time. He even told dad that he wants to marry Teja. He accepted his request on one condition that he has to become successful so that her parents didn't reject them.
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