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Chapter 18 Scary Past 2

  • Raj POV:-
  • We went inside that room. What I saw feared me to the core. It made my blood cold.
  • I saw that girl was stark naked, glass embedded in her hands, legs, back. They tied her hands with ropes. Her lips have torn and blood oozing out from the side of her lips. She had been beaten badly and blue spots are on her body and she is almost about to lose her virginity. Two are enjoying the view. and one is going to rape her. I run towards her and kick that man who was assaulting her. I took off my blazer and covered her body. That man I kicked turned to me to punch me but I blocked his punch with my fist and kick him hard on his stomach. He fell to the ground. I picked him up with his collar and punched his face many times. Then the police come to me and separated us.
  • " You a**hole, how can you do this to a 10-year-old girl? I'll kill you today. You bastard. You are a beast in human skin. You son of a biscuit. You f**king bastard. You man whore. " I yelled to him and tried to go to him, but 2 police officers are stopping me.
  • " Sir, this is a sexual assault case. Don't worry. They will pay for their crimes. Please believe in us. " One police officer said and they release me.
  • " I believe you. Do everything you want. " I said and turn towards that girl. I release her from the ropes. I tried to take her in my arms, but She goes backward. I went near her and hugged her immediately. She is shivering a lot when I hugged her lightly so I won't hurt her on her injured parts, and she started to yell at me to leave her. When she understood I am not gonna harm her, she becomes a little calm. Suddenly, She fainted in my arms and I run towards my car. She is bleeding a lot because of those pieces of glass.
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