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Chapter 3 Positivity

  • Seven years ago:-
  • Teja POV:-
  • Sun rays coming from windows and falling on her face made her eyelids squeeze together, and her alarms start buzzing off. She stops her alarm.  Then she sat on her bed. She stretches her hands and saw sunrise by the window. She can't help but feel very lucky that she saw this beauty every day by her window. That is the second-best thing that happened to her.
  • "What a beautiful sight? Thank you, God, for giving us this house. At least, I am witnessing your creation every day with my own eyes and start a good day with a light heart and relax. Good Morning God Ji," I thought.
  • I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Teja Narayan. I'm 16 with 5''2' feet in height. I have deep brown eyes with brown and black mixed hair weird, I know. But, naturally, I never use to dye my hair for splits.
  • I saw my clock and saw it's 6:05 am.
  • "Good morning, Teja! Now go and get ready for school." I mumbled.
  • I went to the washroom and did my business. I went to take a shower. Then I went to her wardrobe and wore innerwear and school uniform.
  • "Oh god! Now I have to do the most difficult task waking up Babita. What a trouble?" I thought and went to my little sister's room.
  • " Chipkali (lizard) uth na beta school nhi Jaana Aaj tera test hena school me uth jaldi se Warna late ho jayegi." ( Wake up, dear! Don't you have school to attend? Don't forget you have a test in school? wake up, or else you'll be late for school.) I said.
  • "What? Di,  About which test are you talking? Don't tell me I have a maths test today," Babita said by waking up with a jolt.
  • "Yes chipkali ab mujhe ye mat bolna tujhe ab yaad nhi tha aur tune uski tayri nhi ki?"(Don't tell me you didn't remember about your test and you didn't prepare for your test?) I asked.
  • Babita gulped. I understand that she forgot about her test. but, before I scold her for her carelessness. she said: "Di, I had practiced that chapter 2 days ago. I just forgot about this test date. So, you don't have to worry about your chipkali. Anyways, how do you know about my today's test?" Babita asked.
  • "Did you forget this week is our test week, and their test subjects are indifferent days?" I asked.
  • "I checked your date sheet already and saw that today is your maths test," I replied.
  • "Yes, di. You are right," Babita said.
  • "Now, go to your washroom. Fresh yourself. I'm waiting for you in front of our mandir (a small temple in the house). I have to get ready too." I said.
  • "Okk! Di, I'll be ready in a few minutes." Babita said and run to her washroom.
  • By seeing her naughty activity, I can't help but laugh at her.
  • Then I too go to my room and stand in front of the mirror. I wore collyrium in my eyes and use chapstick on my lips. Then, adjust my Kurti, salwaar, and dupatta with a belt. Then, I go to the mandir and worship God for giving me a good life. I wore a tika on between my eyebrows. Then Babita came and did the same. We have had this habit since birth. Mom wants us to wear tika always. It's not that we would mind.
  • "Bubbly and Teju come beta. Your breakfast is ready," Mom said. Bubbly name is the nickname for Babita. Everyone uses this name in the family except me. I called her chipkali but in front of our family only. Teju is my nickname. But, only maa uses this name.
  • "Okk! Maa, we are coming." I Replied.
  • " Good morning, maa! I am ready." I said to maa.
  • "Good morning, you both, Quickly eat your breakfast, and I made your lunch. Take your lunchbox with you," Maa said. She gives us our lunch box.
  • Then we eat our breakfast. Soon grandma come to us and said, " Uth Gayi maharaniya! Jaldi to utha nhi jata tumse haina phir baad me jaldi karti rahti ho tumhari umar me to hum 4 baje uth jaate the aur ghar ka saara kaam karte the." ( Ohh, you both queens awoke! (Note the sarcasm) You never awoke early and then did everything hurriedly. At your age, we awoke at four and did all house chores, then went to school.) Grandma(Sakshi) said.
  • Again she is ready to spoil our mood. But I don't care about her. She likes to taunt us a lot because I respect elders. That's why I don't say anything to her.
  • "Kaya, you didn't press my clothes. I told you I have to go to see the chief minister. Why don't you ever listen to me? Tell me you b*tch!" My so-called father(Nirbhik) said.
  • I squeezed my eyes together because of his behavior towards mom. Mom told me never to raise my voice till I become a successful person. I hate it. I saw my father's frame with garland on it.
  • "I pressed your dress already. Don't you see it?" Maa asked.
  • Then go to their room and took the trouser and shirt with her and hand it to father.
  • "What type of dress did you press it. I don't like it. Press something else. NOW!" Father said.
  • He never likes whatever my mom did for him. He taunts her for everything.
  • My mom went to her room to press something else for him.
  • "What are you both doing here. Don't you have to go to school? Huh!" papa said.
  • "We are leaving," I said and took my bag with me, and Babita did the same thing, and we go to our school together. Let see how our day of school goes.