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Chapter 19 Kidnapping

  • Raj POV:-
  • When I told my wife about everything. I felt like a burden lifted from my shoulders. I turn toward her and saw she was crying. I hugged her and wiped the tears from her face.
  • " Oh god, I can't believe that this girl faced such a thing when she was 10. How could be god this cruel towards her? " She asked while seeing her picture of Teja in the file.
  • " But, what happened after? " She asked.
  • " I asked Prabhat he said that girl's father took back the case and her mother tried to refuse but she was with her daughter all the time. So he took the opportunity to close the case. Her mother didn't anything because she was torn between the responsibilities of her family and daughters and she also had 5 years daughter. It must be so difficult for her. But I killed those rapists with the help of police." I said and she smiled.
  • " You had done the great thing. I'm proud of you honey." She said and kissed my forehead.
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