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Chapter 12 School Tour

  • Teja POV:-
  • I went to the washroom to wash my face and anger. " Oh god!!!!! I can't believe he said this to me. What does he think he is? My boyfriend my foot. Even my boyfriend doesn't have a right to insult me how could he say this. What doesn't he mind his own business? Jerk. Idiot, mad person, badass. " I muttered and started to curse him.
  • When I went normal I muttered " Did I curse someone. Oh god, How can I curse someone? I think I am gonna mad because of him. I never cursed someone never in my life. Even I never thought about any bad words? Let's forget about it. You have physics class now. Do you want to miss it? No na, so let's go. " I went to class.
  • Tanish POV:-
  • " Did I really say that to her? " I thought.
  • " Have you gone mad? Tanish. " Aakaash said.
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