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  • Adrian’s POV
  • “Why she’s still wearing that bracelet?” I asked as I stare outside the window. “She’s married, but why she’s making me feel that she’s holding on to my promise?”
  • I closed my eyes and saw Lily’s innocent face. Our childhood is still vivid in my memories. I will never forget her and our time together. That’s why I wanted to find her and fulfill my promise. I thought about her, but the memories that flashed in my mind was the time that I left her…
  • “Mr. Romano is waiting at the airport, he just arrived from overseas. he sent us here to fetch you,” the man in the black suit said. “Please don’t be scared and trust us, madam.”
  • Suddenly the phone of the man rang. he fished it out of his pocket and answer the call. “Hello, sir,” the man said and look at my mother. “Yes, sir!” I heard his response to the person on the other line, then he gave the phone to my mother.
  • “Hello.”
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