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  • Lily's POV
  • I wore short pants two inches above my knees. I paired it with a v-neck white shirt that just fitted the curves of my slender body. My mom was right. My body figure remained. My hair is on a high ponytail.
  • I went downstairs and walked straight to the garage, where the car was parked. I found Adrian standing on the side of the vehicle. He's wearing short blue pants, paired with a beige round neck t-shirt.
  • "I'm done let's go," I said to call his attention.
  • "Okay, let's go," he opened the door for me.
  • He parked the car next to the sea. We took off our slippers and walked towards the beach in the wet sand. The radiance of the sunshine and its moderate heat penetrating the skin just felt good. The wind's cold breeze, the clear stream of water, and the periodic waves coming from the sea are delightful to hear. We walk together, and they are both silents. I do not know what each of us is thinking. When we're tired of walking, I invited Adrian to sit on the sand first.
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