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  • Adrian’s POV
  • I looked at Lily, silently eating in front of me. She looked surprised with everything that I am doing, but she never said anything. She just let me do all of this without saying a word. Maybe she’s thinking that he’s also doing this to Mary Ann and that this is normal.
  • There are times that she’s glancing at me shyly but looked away when I shifted my gaze at her. I knew that if somebody who knew me and saw us here, they’ll start to spread rumors again about my new personal assistant and me. But what would be Lily’s reaction? Will she avoid me because she’s already married? I’m sure that she won’t be interested in me because she loves her husband so much.
  • She’s not the kind of woman that would risk her married status in rumors. And I am not also the kind of man who would lure a married woman in me to get what I want. But if it’s Lily, then I would make an exception. I was to sip on my champagne glass when I noticed she shook her head.
  • “What happened? are you okay? Do you feel dizzy? Do you have a headache?” I asked worriedly.
  • Lily just looked at me in furrowed brows as if confused about what am I saying. “Sir?”
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