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  • During the game, Adrian was looking at the teacher giving the instructions of the games, he knew that it was Eva, the daughter of his father's friend. What a coincidence, the teacher of twins and Angela was his acquaintance.
  • Adrian approached Eva who was looking at the children with their parents. “So this is where you are working?”
  • Eva turned her head to him. “Oh, hi!” she was surprised to see him at school. “You’re here, sorry I was too busy I didn't notice you.” She smiled. “You are with whom?”
  • “I was with the twins, what a coincidence isn't it? The teacher of my friend’s children is you.”
  • Angela ran to Adrian and called his attention. Adrian heard her voice. He turned around and saw Angela running towards him. The girl tipped her foot and fall to the ground.
  • He picked up Angela and asked if she’s okay. Angela cried on the scratches on her knees. He hugged her and brought her to the clinic next to the classroom. Eva guided him towards the clinic. Lily and Vincent followed him.
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