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  • Lily’s POV
  • Adrian left earlier without even saying goodbye to me. And why would he let you know who are you in his life? Of course, who am I in his life? I don’t know either. Ah! As long as I’m just worried about him, the conversation is over.
  • That’s why I was starved of waiting to him. If I only knew that she will be coming home drunk, I should better join the servants when they’re eating dinner, so frustrating. Who told you to wait for him? He didn’t bring the pot with food, then you blame him because you’re hungry, you’re really hallucinating you’re not his wife!
  • Anyway, my previous hunger has already disappeared. However, I still went to the kitchen to get something to eat even though I have no appetite. I just took milk and a piece of apple from the fridge. I drank the milk before I went up to her room! I was already inside of my room, lying down on my bed and looking at the chandelier. I still can’t forget what the man had said. I am curious about who he’s referring to… 
  • __________________
  • I used to wake up early. I went straight to the bathroom to wash my face. I thought of going down to the kitchen to cook. I came out of my room and went straight down to the kitchen. I found the housemaids who were currently having coffee.
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