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  • ANGELA turned around and said, “yes, Alexus, you are right. You and your uncle are the same. You both have blue eyes. You have a daddy now!” Angela said without hesitation, the elders were surprised.
  • “Yes! Uncle, can you be our daddy?” Alexis asked.
  • “Sure, why not?” His eyes were fixed on Diane.
  • .Adrian saw everything going on. He already had a suspicion of who Diane was in Alex’s life. He looked at John. They both stared at each other, and he got what he meant.
  • “Okay, kids, we need to finish this, aren’t you hungry?” John asked.
  • The group photo ended when Alexus talked again to take a picture of the four of them with Alex and Diane as if they were a happy family of four. After them, Angela also asked the same, a picture for the three of them, Adrian and Lily and Angela.
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