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  • “How are she and her daughter?” Mrs. Lopez asked her younger sister Mrs. Dela Cruz.
  • “They're doing good. How's her elder brother? He’s finally getting married.”
  • “Yes, they will get married earlier than expected his fiancée is already pregnant,” Mr. Lopez said. “How old the daughter of Lily?”
  • “She's already four years old,” Mrs. Dela Cruz replied. “You didn't come to her wedding?”
  • “Yes, because the daughter of that bitch is with me,” she said. “She gave birth to twins, and I can’t leave her alone to take care of her children. And it's a sudden wedding so I'm not also ready and forget to tell John.” She sighed.  “These kids rely on me. They knew me as their real mother, they still don't know who their real family.”
  • “Same as Lily, she knew me and my husband as her real parents,” Mrs. Dela Cruz said. “Anyway, no one knew their real identity except us.”
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