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  • Lily’s POV
  • Angela was busy playing with her new toys when Vincent arrived from work. She didn’t notice her daddy came in. Vincent didn’t bother his daughter. He went inside the kitchen and was surprised to see me preparing for dinner.
  • “Hey, honey, you are back.” He went to me and kissed me on the cheeks. “How’s your trip? It’s not even a week when you left. What happened? Why did you come back? I thought it’s a two weeks trip?”
  • “Mr. Romano’s father was in the hospital.” I remembered I haven’t messaged my boss to ask him about his father. Anyway, I will do it later.
  • “Why? What happened?” Vincent asked with curiosity.
  • “I don’t know either. Just last night, after we came back from outside, Mr. Romano knock on my room, instructed me to pack my stuff because we need to travel back home,” she explained while cutting the vegetables.
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