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  • “IT SEEMS that you’re making progress with what you’re looking for, congratulations bro. You deserve it for how many years you finally have her,” Alex commented. “And her daughter looks so close to you she likes you.”
  • “Yes she is true. She’s like my own daughter,” he replied.
  • “By the way, where’s your family? Are they are also here in Villa Green Island? Where did they check in?” he asked one after the other.
  • “Yes, they were here three days ago,” Adrian took a sip of his wine.
  • “For sure, they were surprised when they saw the twins,” Alex said.
  • “Yes, they are. They long for their grandchildren. Actually, we are surprised when we saw them.” Adrian was amazing and happy for the twins because they want him to be their real father, but he can’t give it to them because of Angela and Lily. And now, finally, the twins found their biological father. “So after this, you can finish your villa on this island. Actually, it’s done right. Only the furniture is missing.”
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