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  • Adrian’s POV
  • “Angela, your friends have no real father around them, that’s why they call their uncle daddy, but you have real daddy,” Lily said with a sigh. “Daddy Vincent is your real father,” Lily explained, hoping that her daughter will understand. 
  • I know that Lily felt embarrassed for her daughter. But it’s different for me. I shook my head as I smiled. Her daughter’s innocence only made me laugh.
  • “All right, I’ll tell Daddy Vincent if he will agree to call you daddy,” she said suddenly. “There’s no problem, isn’t it uncle?” She really insists on what she wants, and she stared at me.
  • Adrian just nodded in response. Angela didn’t really know anything about what was happening in the environment. It seemed like everything was so easy,
  • “Tonight, before I sleep I will tell daddy Vincent.” She hugged me. “I love you, daddy!” I hugged Angela like my own child and patted her back. 
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