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  • Lily’s POV
  • I knotted my forehead, I don’t know the meaning of his gesture in front of his father, but I just smiled at the old man.
  • “You want to say something to my father?” Adrian whispered to me. 
  • I can feel the warm breath of Adrian. I felt the sudden change in my heartbeat. It’s suddenly beating so fast. I felt my body getting hot. I don’t know if from embarrassments or from the warm breath of Adrian.
  • I pulled my hand from Adrian and went closer to his father. “S-Sir Romano, please get well soon,” I stuttered. “So Adrian and your wife will have peace of mind.” I smiled at the old man and took his hand.
  • Tears fall from the side of Adrian’s father’s eyes. I was startled. “Oh, my gosh, please don’t cry. I’m sorry if I say something wrong.” 
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