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  • “HEY, DON’T say that. It’s my pleasure to help you, and I’m having fun with your son. He’s like my child, especially he’s a best friend of my daughter,” Vincent said.
  • “Okay, how about you stay here and have dinner with us? At least in exchange for your kindness to us, just a token of gratitude for spending your time with us in the hospital and dropping us home, I will just make our dinner before you leave.”
  • “That sounds great,” he smiled.
  • “Okay, stay here for a minute. I’ll just go to the kitchen,” Donna said. “Just feel at home.”
  • “Sure, thank you.” Vincent took the TV controller on top of the center table while Donna walked towards the kitchen. In a few minutes, she got back with a glass of juice.
  • “I’m sorry you might thirsty since we arrive. I forgot to offer any drinks,” she said. 
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