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Chapter 62: BEST FRIENDS

  • “Finally, you’re done. I thought you will stay there for more than an hour. I thought about opening the door and check on you,” Adrian said. He lowered the glass of wine.
  • “I’m sorry if I took time to come out of the washroom,” Lily said.
  • “No, it’s okay. I am just teasing you. Are you ready? Let’s go outside before the food gets cold,” Adrian said.
  • “Okay,” she replied. When Adrian left the room, Lily grabbed her phone and dialed Sonia’s number. But she’s not picking up.
  • Adrian peeked from the door and called her. Lily then followed him. They’re almost done eating when Vincent called her. She ignored the call until it stopped ringing.
  • “Why you didn’t answer the call?” Adrian asked.
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