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Chapter 47: Lily’s Revelation

  • Adrian’s POV
  • I was shocked to Lily’s revelation. I get curious. “Why? What happened?”
  • She took a deep breath. “It was a horrible experience. I don’t know if I regret that moment or not. It’s just like a losing and winning game experience of my life.” Her face was shady, and suddenly she bowed her head and clenched her fist.
  • I held her hand. “Don’t worry, everything will gonna be fine, even me. I have an experience five years ago, but I don’t know if it’s a blessing or not. Something is happening in our life that helps us learned.”
  • “And you know, since that day, I see to it that I always go home safely and sleep at my home, not in a hotel,” she added shyly.
  • “When I’m here in our country, I always drink wine in my house, not in any place, if ever I drink in any banquet, I assured not to the point that I lost myself,” I said. “But when I’m in Dubai, I always call Domeng. I see to it that he’s there to pick me up.”
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