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Chapter 994 Lady Jennifer Came to Show Off

  • Everyone had different opinions, but they were all reasonable ones, so there was no need to argue with each other.
  • When Matilda put it like this, Yolanda had nothing else to say. All her escape paths were easily blocked by Matilda.
  • Sitting on the sofa, Sophia laughed at Matilda's words. She said that even though Matilda had changed, her old personality remained, as in that she was still so formidable and spoke so mercilessly.
  • Matilda sighed. "It’s true that an opponent like Yolanda makes me very irritable."
  • After all, Yolanda had been around them for a long time in her marriage to William. When they were not yet divorced, the two had quarreled all day about Yolanda. Now that she recalled that period, she still felt that it was really upsetting.
  • After the divorce, Matilda was unsure about what kind of relationship went on between Yolanda and William. She originally wanted to ask William about it, but now that she thought about it, she didn’t feel there was a need to do so anymore.
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